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Things You Need To Know When Hiring a Brownstone Restoration Contractor in NYC

Things You Need To Know When Hiring a Brownstone Restoration Contractor in NYC

For the past years, New Yorkers dream was to own a home with a brownstone finish. Brownstone is a building material which grew in popularity in 1900. This was the dream for everyone around New York City. The steps would have a beautiful, full stoop for placing flower pots, a kitchen window display and an island maybe. 

Ah, life in the big city was the dream! That stopped when you needed to do a renovation on your home for the sorry state that the weather had brought on your structure. Realizing you have a multi-million brownstone house which needed remodeling, headache on your hand was never a good option to carry along with you. With no doubt, buying abrownstone house was a blessing and privileged, but it was not for anyone who was faint-hearted or fair weathered. The structure requires years of commitment, patience, and care. 

Renovating a brownstone home in NYC is a critical emotional and financial investment. Understanding what to expect before the project starts, hiring a competent renovation contractor, and knowing the credibility of the contractors are some of the stepping stones to success. 

When hiring a brownstone contractor in NYC, you need to be assured of high-quality workmanship, spending on your budget and on timely delivery. In this article, we’ll outline some factors you need to consider when hiring a brownstone contractor who will cater for all your needs.

Years of Experience

Before settling with a remodeling contractor, make sure you’ve done a well detailed and trustworthy reputation among your peers and customers. Check their website to know for how many years they have been in business. Check their portfolio to establish the nature and number of homes they have remodeled. This will not only tell you about their work experience but on their familiarity with your project.


Doctors have abbreviations so do construction contractors. The acronyms behind a contractor’s name represent his/her certification from the national trade organization. These abbreviations are essential in the work ethics since they represent the commitment of the contractor on the works code of ethics. If a contractor has earned one of the designations, the chances are high that you’re dealing with a reputable home renovator.

Regulatory Governance and Compliance

If you need your money to be secure, insist on hiring an insured, licensed and bonded contractor. Trustworthy and reputable contractors must have an insurance certificate, property damage cover and worker’s compensation. Ensure all certification is valid and any injuries and damages are liable. 

Quality Cost Ratio

In the contracting world, it is assumed that the lowest bidder is never the best. A low bidder indicates that the contractor is using subpar building materials or they’re desperate of working some work. However, it’s not advisable to overshoot your budget without consideration of quality of work that you stand to get. 

Project Management Process 

Your contractor should work in collaboration with you, your construction manager and designer to achieve your remodeling desire. Check the contractor's management process to ensure you stand a chance of receiving premium quality work.  

When renovating your brownstone home, it’s important to find a qualified, experienced and certified renovation contractor who will help you in achieving your desired objectives.

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