Full Apartment Renovation nyc

Step To Step Guide Into Full Apartment Renovation NYC

Step To Step Guide Into Full Apartment Renovation NYC

Walking on the streets of New York City, you can't help but stare at those elegant buildings. They are mind-blowing! But they did not come up that easily. A lot of paperwork and architect must have gone into work. And of course, with the state-of-art buildings comes professional builders and contractors.

Amazingly, some of those buildings have been up for centuries. The question is, how do they maintain their shine and strength? Simple, renovation! Renovation and more renovation! Being New York, manifold layers of legality go along with the city.

Let's take a step to step walk into this world -full apartment renovation NYC.

Step 1: Apartment rules

First things first, building rules and regulations. Before, acquiring a renovation permit, make sure you understand clearly the laws of your apartment. Who dictates them? Is it a board of directors or company management staff?

Even if it means painting a small part of your kitchen, get to know the rules. Have a snippet of the terms and policies, as far as insurance and licenses, working hours. Can it happen over the holidays or not? Sometimes the project is phased or continuous depending on the intensity of the renovation.

Get to know how the project will affect other adjacent apartments.do they share common utility areas? Kitchen or bathroom? Do due diligence before you begin!

Step 2: Basic or Complicated

You've jumped the initial step, smart move! However, the journey has just begun. You want to identify the intensity of your renovation. Is it primary or complicated? For any basic apartment renovation, there are no walls to bring down and no electricity and plumbing changes to be made.

If it involves demolishing walls and putting up new ones, before you put that sledgehammer into work, consider having a permit from your local building department. Also if your apartment is in a landmarked area, you want to have a license from appropriate management. Whew, sounds tedious but worth it!


Step 3: Seek Professional Help

Thanks to technology. You can merely DIY your home. Nevertheless, you still need a professional to help you fix your faulty taps and electricity lines. Sometimes all you need is a designer or interior decorator to help you handle your interior and exterior furnishings. But large-scale fixings need the skilled eye of an engineer, architect or contractor.

Fortunately, most companies will offer a free consultation. Free consultation on ideal products and professionalism you need. On top of that, you get an estimate of your budget and even better options than you probably had in mind.

Step 4: Cost

Apartments have more than one occupant. Therefore as the owner, you need to envision your project on the scope, quality of work and the timeline.

The scope is maybe self-contained or general. For the latter, tenants have to move out until the project is over. The quality of work and finishes can tell your target market. Either raising your rent or in rare cases depriving your rent charges.

Depending on the timeline, as a landlord, you need to have notified your tenants earlier. This will help you avoid court suits from the destruction of property.

Full apartment renovations in New York City can get very costly. Therefore, as the owner, you should consider the above tips -to help you gain more value from your 1930s apartment!


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