How To Get That Million Dollar Look From Your 19th Century Home

How To Get That Million Dollar Look From Your 19th Century Home

How To Get That Million Dollar Look From Your 19th Century Home

You've always dreamt of owning a home within New York City. Unfortunately, there are no plots to buy and self-build your dream home. However, your dream is still valid! The good news is that you can own a home and be part of the New Yorkers neighborhood. But how? Simple, look out for a home seller and invest your hard earned money on that 19th-century house.

It is from this old goof that you will have your dream come into reality. Renovation is the way to go! Gone are the days when building from scratch was the in-thing. Today owning a home is as simple as sounds. Buying a home can save you from rogue constructors and overly high building costs.

You don't have to drain all your coins from the bank. Just get a professional to fix that old rusty-looking home. Renovation is a total game changer! How then do you completely change that 19th century looks into a new million dollar one?

Start Small

Chances are everything in that house doesn't tickle you. And you've decided to change the look entirely. The challenge is, where do you start? Always start from the smallest details. Changing door knobs, new furniture for your bedroom and adding wallpapers and hanging portraits.

It is these small changes that make a difference between gaudy and elegant home. Here are some of the little hacks that will surely give that million dollar look to your house.

Have fun with colors - You can never go wrong with colors! You don't need a professional decorator to have your room cozy and relaxing. Just get to youtube and DIY your place to the colors of your choice.

How about paintings? Yes, wall paintings add pop and shine to your room. If you're a nature lover, it is time to bring out mother nature at the comfort of your home.

Thanks to wallpapers! Wet paint has a disgusting smell. Fortunately, wallpapers of different sizes and styles have made it easier for homeowners. Though they are expensive, they surely are worth it! 

Be Strategic

Keep in mind that it is the whole house that needs improvement. Therefore you have to be strategic with your plan. Know what needs building licenses and insurances. Be crystal clear on what to demolish and what not to. What laws govern the building and construction projects within the neighborhood? Are there children involved?

Full house renovation is neither about painting nor a one day project. It is a process that needs planning, implementation, and evaluation over a duration of time. You want to be there as work continues. This will help you avoid extra cost later in the future. Make sure you still want to live in that home 20-30 years to come and be proud for the decision you made.

Caution: Always tone down on your spending if you're not buying the property for a lifetime. Still, make sure you consult the owner before making any massive changes!

The upside, you get to buy a home within your favorite locality. The downside, it can cost a lot more bucks than starting a new home foundation. Research! Research! Research before making a move.


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